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KC-websites has installed solar panels on the roof of one of the buildings at our home and they produce 50-60% of all our electricity needs, surely enough to power our office. Our hosting company has also gone green. They now claim to have purchased renewable energy credits covering 130% of the electricity that their server farm uses. You can read all about it on their site. We offer you this story and this green symbol to use proudly on your website if you wish.   Green logo
KC Consulting provides website development, storage, and maintenance. We specialize in travel-related services: car rentals, restaurants, and hotels or vacation areas in general. A simple ad filling the screen with your logo, three to four images, a 75 word message, and a link to your existing website is only $200 per year. We will make and host a larger one page website with your logo, your 300 word message, and up to six color images on any of our SXM-related sites for $250 per year. These include SXM-Info.com, SXM-Restaurants.com, SXM.Hotels.com, SXM-Cars.com, SXM-Services.com, SXM-Shopping.com, SXM-Activities.com, and more.
We can add two extra pages, such as your menu and wine list with color photos for a one time charge of about $40, if you can supply them via email. A top level name, such as Skipjack's with a menu, wine list, and more; integrated into our system costs a total of $500 per year.

We can offer Secure Sites via Comodo and can safely get credit card info to you for processing. If you need online processing, we suggest Paypal. We donate between 10 and 20% of our gross revenue to worthy causes. We include the following as our current clients:

SSL Certificate Authority

Alpha Healthcare Services
Altro Italian Bistro
Atelier des Tropismes
Auberge Gourmande
Azure Hotel
Billy Bones Boatcharters
Birch Hill Brittanys
Bistrot Caraïbes
Caribbean View Condo
Champagne Bistro
Chef Dino
Chez Pat
Le Cottage
Cul de Sac Info
DK Gems
Endless Summer Swimwear
L'Escargot Restaurant
L'Esperance Hotel
Fitness Plus
Garden Design
The Garnet
Gerald Coble Studio
Grand Case
Grand Case Beach Club
Grand Case Parking
Hideaway Restaurant
Horny Toad Guesthouse
Izi Ristorante
Jewels By Love
Lagoon Pub Crawl
Leisure Car Rental
Lewis Waite Farm
Local Rums & Spices
Lou Lou
Marigot Info
Marigot Waterfront
Marina Royale
Mario Bistrot
Mount Vernon Villas
Nettle Bay
Next Level Car
Orient Beach Info
Pack Light Rentals
Passaat Schooner
Philipsburg Info
Piazza Pascal
Pineapple Pete
Rancho del Sol
Random Wind
Robert Nunnelley
Royal Caribbean Jewelers
Sandy Ground
Sapphire Beach Club
Sapphire 254 condo
Select Wine Cellar
Shiv Shakti Restaurant
Shushan Valley Hydro Farm
Simpson Bay Information
Soualiga Car Rental
Starlite Car Rental
SXM Information
SXM Activities
SXM Adult
SXM Beaches
SXM Cars
SXM Cul de Sac
SXM Casinos
SXM-Grand Case
SXM Hotels
SXM Lowlands
SXM Orient Beach
SXM Philipsburg
SXM Real Estate
SXM Restaurants
SXM Sandy Ground
SXM-Simpson Bay
SXM Travel/Airfare
Table d'Antoine
Le Tastevin
Ti Coin Créole
Tijon Perfumery
Triple A Car Rentals
Tropical Wave
Tropismes Gallery
Underwater Services
Unity Car Rental
La Villa
La Vista Resort
Wasabi Charlie

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